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Amore Wigs – Amazing Double-layer Monofilament Cap Design!

by Crystal Bella 07 Nov 2021
Our standard Amore wig has a double-layer monofilament top construction combined with calibrated machine wefting along the sides and back. All Amore wigs have polyurethane tape tabs along the front and adjustable tabs in the back neck area, to allow for a comfortable fit. The result is a comfortable fit with a natural look that is both fashionable and easy to wear.

We currently have over 34 wigs in the Amore wig collection. When we talk about Amore wigs to our customers , we use words such as Amazing, Fabulous and Elegant to name but a few. We believe that the Amore Designer Series is an exquisite collection of wigs due to the double layer monofilament construction. This design was first introduced in 1998 and is still at the cutting edge of wig cap design. Monofilament top wigs are fabulous as wherever you part the wig, it will give the impression that the hair is coming from your own scalp. The fibre is individually hand knotted onto the cap construction which creates a lower density and therefore a more realistic movement.

Amore wigs though have taken this design one step further and added an additional soft layer over the monofilament top which will protect you from the individual hand knotting . This DOUBLE MONOFILAMENT design will ensure that it will feel like silk against your skin, an important benefit if you are wearing this wig due to complete hairloss.

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