Innovation for Every Day Wig Wear

Whether you are seeking exceptional comfort due to hair loss, scalp sensitivity, or incomparable stylishness to satisfy your inner fashionista, the Amore Collection 100% Hand-Tied Monofilament Lace Front Wig Collection will give you the look and feel you’ll love to wear.

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        Almond rockaChestnutCreamy toffeeHoney wheatMaple sugarMarble brownPlatinum pearlGinger brownSpring honeyToasted brownSugar cane


        Auburn sugar-rBubblegum-rCafe oleCappucinoChestnutCoffee latteCreamy blondCreamy toffee-rDark chocolateGinger brownHoney brown - rIllumina-rMarble brown-rMedium brownMelted marshmallowMochaccino-rMulberry brownPlumberry jam-lrSmoky gray-rSpring honey-rToasted brown


        Marble brown-lrMilk tea-lrChampagne-rMochaccino-lrCreamy toffee-rDark chocolateGinger brownMelted marshmallowRose gold-rIce blondMedium brownNutmeg-r


        Marble brown-lrMelted coconutMilk tea-lrChampagne-rMochaccino-lrCreamy toffee-rPlumberry jam-lrDark chocolateGinger brownSnowy sapphire-rSpring honey-rMelted marshmallowRose gold-rIce blondMedium brown


        Auburn sugar-rBubblegum-rCreamy blondCreamy toffee-rCrimson-lrDark chocolateGinger brownHoney brown - rIllumina-rMaple sugar-rMarble brown-rMelted marshmallowMochaccino-rMulberry brownPlumberry jam-lrSilver stoneSmoky gray-rSpring honey-rSugar cane-rToasted brown


        Creamy toffee-rDark chocolateGinger brownIce blondMarble brown-rMochaccino-rRose gold-rSilver stoneSpring honey-r


        Caramel brownCreamy toffee-rDark chocolateGinger brownIce blondMarble brown-rMedium brownMocha brownMochaccino-rRose gold-rRusty redSilver stoneSpring honey-r


        Apricot frostAuburn sugarCappucinoCoffee latteCreamy blondCreamy toffeeCreamy toffee-rDark chocolateExpressoGinger brownGinger highlightIced mochaIced mocha-rMaple sugarMarble brownMochaccinoRazberry iceSpring honeyToasted brownVanilla lush


        CappucinoCreamy blondCreamy toffeeDark chocolateExpressoGinger brownHoney brown - rMarble brownMedium brownMochaccinoSilver stoneSpring honeyToasted brown

        Flex TP

        Bubblegum-rCappucinoCreamy blondCreamy toffeeDark rustGolden brownLavender blush-rLight chocolateMedium brownMochaccinoSeaglass-rSpring honeySugar cane


        Marble brown-lrAuburn sugar-rCappucinoChestnutCreamy blondCreamy toffee-rDark chocolateExpressoGinger brownGold blondHarvest goldKahlua blastLight chocolateMaple sugar-rMarble brownMedium brownMochaccino-rSpring honeyToasted brown


        Light golden blond fluxMedium brunette flux

        Integration TP