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Instructions & Video - Perfect Line Lace Wig Grids and Knots Concealer

by Crystal Bella 10 Apr 2021


Application Tips Tricks & Care

  • Do not wind up the tube before warming it up, you could damage the winder
  • It's recommended to use a wig cap to cover your hair before application to make clean up easy. Turn wig inside out to reveal the lace and set on a wig head.
  • Put the covered tube into a cup of very hot water for 2.5-3:00 Minutes. Placing the tube top side up in the hot water.
  • You can also use your blow dryer to warm up the concealer.
  • Wind up the product to about 1 mm, (do not push up too much of the product as application will be hard and product may brake)
  • Do not over warm the product or it will become TOO soft and seep through TOO much on the hair.
  • Gently press and stroke forwards or backward until you reach desired coverage.
  • If the concealer becomes dry during the application, use you’re blow-dry to warm up the product on the lace and use your finger or a flat comb to smooth it out. You can also put the tube back into the hot water to soften it up again.
  • Turn the wig over, select your parting space then lightly blow-dry your parting space and use the flat side of your comb to press the product into the lace until knots disappear and your part is defined.
  • Add a few small drops of your favorite liquid hair oil to clean up transfer of the product off the hair as well as to moisturize the parting space.


  • It is recommended to scrape off any remaining product off your unit.
  • Hold your wig in a bun lace side up, hold the unit under hot running water until it all the product melts off.
  • Use oil base glue remover or any grease stripping soap on the area.
  • Use a soft brush if necessary, to wash off the concealer.
  • Condition and shampoo as normal.

Mineral powder Turmeric and Beetroot Powder Alpina water Rose water, Lemon, sage, and Shea Butter oil.

With care you can wash your unit in cool water or even go for a swim without

disrupting the product. The concealer looks darker in the tube however, it will apply shades lighter.

After a few days add a tip of oil to refresh the concealer again if it looks dull.

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