Shakti Printed Linen Turban


0668 Shakti Turban - Indian Taube0668 Shakti Turban - Indian Taube
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The Shakti turban is made in a soft knitted linen quality and has a semi-attached headband. Here you get the most beautiful headwear, which with this print sends our thoughts on the path of sun, the beach and delicious caramel icecream. You can use the headband to create extra fullness by twisting it a few times at one ear or at the front. Linen is a natural material and a fine choice in the hot summer months as it is breathable and even known to have a cooling effect on the skin.

  • Turban with semi-attached headband
  • Holes / openings at the headband in the neck which are used to style the headband with
  • Easy to put on and style
  • Soft and comfortable linen quality with Catetech® Bamboo lining
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