Zoya Turban


553-Vintage Khaki553-Vintage Khaki
554-Legion Blue554-Legion Blue
555-Black Iris555-Black Iris
556-Olive Green556-Olive Green
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With a beautiful colour pallet to choose from the super-fine Zoya Turban, with the elegant cross-over draping detail, is sure to match any lifestyle. A soft and extremely comfortable easy-to-fit Turban that requires hardly any styling once fitted. The unique construction makes this Turban suitable to wear no matter what event or activity you have planned for as it will stay in place during any movement and even windy weather. The Zoya Turban is an absolute wardrobe essential.

- Soft cotton and viscose fabric
- Beautiful cross-over draping at the front
- Easy to fit and style
- Great choice for your first turban

47.5% Cotton, 47.5% Viscose, 5% Spandex

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