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GIVEAWAY! One Lucky Winner will WIN 350$ Platinum Gift Card, FREE!

by Crystal Bella 20 Dec 2019

One lucky winner will receive a $350 Platinum Gift Card to use on Lace Frontals, Hair Extensions, Wigs and much more at Crystal Bella Wigs ( In-Store or Online).

This Gift Card could also be the perfect gift for your family member or friend. The more entries you collect, the higher your chance of winning!

Everyone’s a Winner Today!

As a thank you from Crystal Bella Wigs, we’re also giving away a 10% Coupon Code to everyone who signs up for the Platinum Gift Card Giveaway. 
Sign up today and instantly receive a 10% discount on all hair wigs and extensions at

What is Crystal Bella Wigs and Why Are You Giving Away $350 Goodies FREE??

Crystal Bella Wigs is the #1 resource for virgin hair wigs and hair styling, including hair tutorials, hair tips and hair extension education. 
We are also the #1 brand and supplier of 100% premium quality Virgin Human Hair.

How are we giving this all away? Is there a catch?

These giveaways help us get the word out about our store. There is no catch, we just want to spread the word about Crystal Bella Wigs and all our awesome products!

If you’re tired of unimpressive low quality or synthetic hair wigs and extensions, this giveaway is perfect for you. That’s because all of our hair products are expertly inspected to verify that they are of the highest quality.
That means no synthetic hairs, no bad odors, no hair thinning and no hair shedding. Only 100% Virgin human hair of the highest caliber.
Here are just some of the goodies you can claim with the Platinum Gift Card Giveaway.

Straight Lace Front Wig

Curly Lace Front Wig 

Body Wave Lace Front Wig
and much more

One lucky winner will get a Platinum Gift Card to spend up to $350 on hair extensions, wigs and much more at


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